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Add Wicked Tracking to Kajabi

How to install the Wicked Reports tracking code on your Kajabi account so that all incoming clicks to Kajabi pages get tracked.

      Kajabi has an easy, 1 field update to get the Wicked Reports tracking code installed on your Kajabi store.

      Integration Steps

      To place the Wicked Tracking Code on the Kajabi Checkout form, you will do the following:
      1) Go to the Setup -> Tracking Code menu in Wicked Reports to get your Wicked Reports Tracking Code
      2) Log into your Kajabi Store Admin
      3) Go To Site Settings -> Checkout Settings
      4) Add the Wicked Reports Tracking Code to the Checkout Tracking Code Section under Header Tracking Code
      5) Click Save

      What Happens Next

      The following day all incoming clicks to your Kajabi store that have either WickedIds and UTMs can be tracked and attributed.