Is it possible to track Amazon clicks, orders, or contacts using Wicked Reports?

Good news!  Wicked Reports has released Amazon Tracking by Wicked Reports.  It's available for Registered Seller Brand Owners who sell in at least one of the following markets:

United States (US), Canada (CA), United Kingdom (UK), Germany (DE), France (FR), Italy (IT) and Spain (ES)

Please Note: Amazon Attribution works ONLY for traffic that is sent directly to your Amazon Store.  It will not allow you to track if leads are simply leaving your store and purchasing your products on Amazon.  You must be tracking clicks in which you are purposely and intentionally sending traffic to your Amazon Store.


If you are existing Wicked Reports customer, you can email Support ( or through chat to Add Amazon Tracking to your Wicked Reports account or you can simply visit this page to upgrade your account

If you are not a Wicked Reports customer or are simply interested in pricing...

You can check out Amazon Tracking with Wicked Reports here!


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