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Contact Upload With CSV

How to Import Your CSV

1. Click here to be taken to the Contact Uploader inside your account.
Or, navigate to API & Uploaders > Contact Uploader

wicked reports manual contact upload with csv

2. Click the Sample CSV File button to download a CSV 

3. Populate the CSV with the Required Format & Fields

4. Upload your CSV file into the CSV Uploader (How to use the CSV Uploader)

Required Format & Fields

Required Format

  • Some non-English characters can cause problems for our database
  • Your CSV headers and order of columns must match the Sample CSV File
  • CONTACTID: Unique ContactID from the source Contact system (ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, etc.) 
  • CREATEDATE: Date & Time the Lead/Contact was created (Correct formatting example: "9/26/2016 20:15")
    • Correct Date Format: MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM  (in 24-hour format)
      • If 12-hour format, you must include AM/PM, and the correct date format would be:  MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM AM/PM
      • An example of a correctly formatted CREATEDATE field would be: "9/29/2016 20:15" if 24-hour, or "9/29/2016 8:15 PM" if 12-hour.
      • Using a date and time like this "4-10-17 0:00" will not work.
  • TIMEZONE: Timezone of Contact Date/Time (EST Timezone= "UTC-5", CST Timezone= "UTC-6", etc)
    • This is the timezone the date is represented in, not the timezone of the contact.  If your CRM system shows orders in EST, then you would use UTC-5
    • These values change based on Daylight Savings Time  
  • EMAIL: Email address of the Lead/Contact
    • CRM SYSTEM:  A reference field of the source system that the contact was added to.  This can be any value and does not affect how Wicked Reports processes Leads/Contacts

        Optional Fields

        • FIRST NAME: First name of the Lead/Contact
        • LAST NAME: Last name of the Lead/Contact
        • STATE:  State of Lead/Contact
        • COUNTRY:  Country of the Lead/Contact
        • PHONE: Phone of the Lead/Contact

        How to use the CSV Uploader

        • Upload New Contacts:  You can drag and drop (or select) the .csv contacts file you want to upload
        • Upload Attempt History:  You can see all the upload attempts you've made (successful and failed)

        Make sure all required fields have some value. The CreateDate filed is usually a problem area for many as the date needs to be formatted exactly (Correct formatting example: "9/26/2016 20:15")

        wicked reports manual contact upload with csvwicked reports manual contact upload with csvwicked reports manual contact upload with csv


        • Each contact must have an ContactID
        • Each contact must have an Email Address
        • Each contact must have a valid Date/Time of the Contact Creation
        • Each contact must use a valid Timezone
        • Each contact must have s Contact Source

        Here is another example of an error. All fields are REQUIRED.

        wicked reports manual contact upload with csv



        • What happens if I reupload a contact?
          Your contact will be de-duplicated, with one exception. Any re-uploaded contacts will be checked for an updated Create Date/Time. If they have an older Create Date/Time than what the original contact has, then we will update the original contact with that new Create Date/Time value.