Setting up Google Enhanced Conversions with your Shopify Store

Wicked Reports users who use Shopify can use Google Enhanced Conversions to help get better results from your Google Ads by providing more data to the Google algorithms.

What is Google Enhanced Conversions

Why should you use Google Enhanced Conversions with Wicked Reports

Who can use Google Enhanced Conversions with Wicked Reports

How to setup Google Enhanced Conversions with your Shopify store

Test to ensure you have set up the Google Enhanced Conversion script properly

Turn on Google Enhanced Conversions inside Wicked Reports


What is Google Enhanced Conversions with Wicked Reports

Google Enhanced conversions is a new feature offered by Google to help improve the quality of the customer’s Ads as well as improve their Google Ads data quality. 

There are three main steps to Google Enhanced Conversions with Wicked Reports.

First, setting up a Google Conversion Action as “Enhanced” inside their Google Ads platform.

Second, adding the script to their Shopify Order Confirmation page to send order data up to Google after orders occur.

Third, setting up the Google Enhanced Conversions API inside Wicked Reports so we can send up all their Shopify orders, to Google.  This will occur every 10 minutes and Google will use this data and tie it to the conversion data sent up from the code on the confirmation page

Why should you use Google Enhanced Conversions with Wicked Reports

Google has begun offering Enhanced Conversions to eligible advertisers and according to Google, sending them data via enhanced conversions will improve the delivery of your ads to the right audience and improve conversion rates as well as Google Ads data accuracy.

Google Enhanced Conversions allows all orders to get passed up to Google and therefore it amplifies the number of transactions Google can see and use toward bidding improvements and ad delivery.

Who Can use Google Enhanced Conversions with Wicked Reports

To be able to use the solution outlined in this document, you must:

  • Use Shopify as your primary shopping cart
  • NOT use a 3rd party checkout system
  • Have a Google Ads account eligible for Google Enhanced Conversions
  • You have Accepted the Google Ads Terms of Service
  • NOT have implemented Google Enhanced Conversions with Google Tag Manager (GTM)

To setup Google Enhance Conversions, your Google Ads account must be eligible.  Google makes the determination of whether you are eligible or not.

How to setup Google Enhanced Conversions with your Shopify store

Setting up Google Enhanced Conversions requires updates to your Google Ads account as well as within your Shopify Store.

First, we need to Accept the Google Terms of Service and set up a Conversion Action within Google Ads.  This will be a Purchase Conversion Action.  You may already have a Purchase Conversion Action that can be used.

Go into your Google Ads Account

In your Google Ads Account, go to Tools & Settings -> Conversions

Go to the Settings menu on the left and find Customer data terms to accept Terms of Service

Go back to the Summary menu on the left

If you already have a "Purchase" Conversion with the "Website" Source, you can simply use that Conversion Action.

If use the Google App for Shopify and it created a Conversion action for you, you will need to ensure the Conversion action is Enhanced.  If it is, you are good to go.

You'll know if it the Conversion Action was created by the Google Shopping App because it would be defaulted to the name "Google Shopping App Purchase".

The original Google App for Shopify did not create Enhanced Conversion actions and therefore, if the Google Shopping App conversion action you have is NOT enhanced, you will need to remove it and create a new one.

Having multiple Purchase Conversion actions can result in duplicate conversions being passed to Google.

If you don't yet have any Conversion Actions set up, you will create a "Website" Conversion

Select "Purchase" as the Category.  You don't need to change the name.

For value, make sure to select "Use different values for each conversion" and leave the default value blank.

For Count, select "Every" and for Click-through conversion window, we recommend "90 Days" but you can select whichever value is right for you.


For View-through conversion window, we recommend "30 Days


Lastly, for Attribution Model, we recommend "Data Driven" if it's available.  If not, we suggest "Linear"

Important: If you are using Google Shopping Sales Channel and have hooked it up to your Google Ads account, you will see bunch of Conversion Actions starting with "Google Shopping App...".  You will need to ensure the conversion action is Enhanced.  If so, great.  If not, we don't want to use these and you will need to use another existing Purchase Conversion Action or create a new one


Edit the Conversion Action and expand the "Enhanced conversions" section

Note: If you don’t see a section called “Enhanced conversions”, your Google Ads account is not eligible to use them. 

Check "Turn on enhanced conversions" , enter the website URL and click "CHECK URL"

Select Global site tag - AW-XXXXXXX

If you don't see this option and only see Google Tag Manager option, that means the Global site tag is not added to theme.liquid in your Shopify Store.

You will first need to add your Global site tag to your Shopify theme.liquid using the directions below and come back to this step and refresh your conversion action.

Select “Enter Javascript or CSS selectors”, for “Confirm how you want to set up enhanced conversions”

Check all the boxes and select Javascript for each value

Enter the following for each field (See example screenshot below)

    • Email
    • Phone
      • enhanced_conversion_data.phone_number
    • First name:
      • enhanced_conversion_data.first_name
    • Last name:
      • enhanced_conversion_data.last_name
    • Street address:
      • enhanced_conversion_data.home_address.street
    • City:
    • State:
      • enhanced_conversion_data.home_address.region
    • Country:
    • Postal code:
      • enhanced_conversion_data.home_address.postal_code

    Note: Confirm you don’t have any spaces at the end of your values 

    Click "Save"

    Confirm Google Global site tag has been added to your liquid Theme (or Add it)

    Next, we want to confirm you have added the Google Global site tag to your "liquid theme".  This ensures the Global site tag is on every page of your Shopify store.  If you know it's there, you can skip this part

    Note: If you are using the Google Shopping App for Shopify, the Google Site Tag will have already been added to your liquid theme and you should be able to skip this step.

    Go into your Shopify Account

    Go to Online Store -> Themes -> Live Theme -> Actions -> Edit Code

    Go to Layout -> theme.liquid

    If your store does not have the Google Global site tag in "theme.liquid", you will need to add it.

    Add Google Global site tag in "theme.liquid" (Skip if already done)

    Go into your Google Ads Account

    Global site tag can be found from from within the Purchase Conversion Action from the first step.  Edit the Conversion Action and select Tag Setup -> "Install the tag yourself"

    Global site tag needs to be pasted it into the theme.liquid of your Shopify store between the <head> and closing </head> tags.

    Put Enhanced Conversion Code on your Shopify Checkout page

    From within Purchase Conversion Action you're using, you need to get a specific value to keep for the next step.

    Below where your Global site tag is found, there's  a section called "Event Snippet".  In the Purchase Conversion Action -> Tag Setup -> Install the tag yourself is the "Event Snippet"

    Copy the value in the "send_to" property of the snippet.  You want the string inside the single quotes beginning with AW-.  Keep this value for the next step.

    Go back into your Shopify Store

    Go to your Shopify Store Checkout -> Additional Scripts -> Order status Page

    If you've previously added the "Global site tag" and/or "Event Snippet" code already, you will want to remove it.  The new code you'll paste in already has it included.

    At the top of the Additional Scripts -> Order status page section, paste the newly downloaded code (from the link above ).  Be sure to see note below for an important update you need to make to downloaded code.

    IMPORTANT: The only change needed is to replace REPLACE_THIS_VALUE with the “send_to” value from the previous step.  It starts with “AW-”.  You will Replace everything between the single quotes.

    Example if the "send_to" value is AW-123456789/fn234523HJ9354534GHUYT

    Additional Note: if you see a line of code at the top of “Additional Scripts” that looks like below, be sure the script is pasted ABOVE it.


    Click “Save

    Test to ensure you have set up the Google Enhanced Conversion script properly

    To Test your setup, you will need to process a test order and use the Google Chrome Developer tools on the conversion page.

    Once the order is complete and you are on the thank you page, open the Google Chrome Developer Tools.

    Right-Click on the page and select "Inspect"

    Go to the "Network" Tab and Enter the Conversion ID or the Conversion Name into the Search bar

    Find the network request that is going to (or on some browsers).

    In the Headers part of the Network request, scroll to “Query String Parameters”. Here, you should find that there is a parameter “em” with a hashed string as the value. If you see the ‘em’ parameter, this means that the enhanced conversions tag is correctly picking up and hashing the enhanced_conversion_data object.

    Turn on Google Enhanced Conversion inside Wicked Reports

    After you have set up an Enhanced Conversion action inside Google Ads and added (and Tested) the Script on the Thank you page, the final step is to turn on Google Enhanced Conversions inside Wicked Reports.

    Visit this help document to learn how to turn on Google Enhanced Conversions inside Wicked ReportsGo