Wicked Playbook: Facebook View-Through Conversions (ROI)

Wicked Reports uses Facebook View-Through Conversions to show how many conversions Facebook is taking credit for when people aren't actually clicking on Ads

View-Through conversions are the 1-day view-through conversions we pull in directly from Facebook.    We do NOT calculate these conversions.  Facebook still makes them available through their API and we get them directly from there. 

The View-Through Conversion count and Revenue are displayed in our ROI Reports when using Last Click and Full Impact Attribution and incorporated into ROI and ROAS calculations for those models.

Some reasons you may choose to give lots of credit to Facebook View-Through Conversions would be:

  • You run lots of Facebook Video ads.  Many times, prospects watch the videos and then search your brand on google rather than click the ad.
  • You have high Google branded search conversions.  These may be prospects who actually came through from viewing your ads on Facebook.  It might be nice to know this is happening.

To See the impact of Facebook View-Through Conversions on your ROI/ROAS:

1. Navigate to the ROI Report

2. Select the Facebook Channel

3. Select Last Click or Full Impact Attribution Models and Apply filters

4. In the Grid, find the FB View-Through Conversions and FB View-Through Revenue Columns

This Revenue is included in your ROI/ROAS calculations as well.


5. Update the View-Through Confidence Score and Apply filter.  This value determines how much you trust you have in the Facebook View-Through conversion data.

The Confidence Score is a value between 0% and 100% which we will then apply to the FB View-Through Conversions and Revenue to determine how much to include in your Sales, ROI/ROAS values

6. Check your Revenue and ROI/ROAS values again after you've updated the Confidence Score to see how much of a different it makes.

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