How to integrate TikTok Ads with Wicked Reports

The quick process to integrate TikTok Ad costs and clicks to Wicked Reports lead and sale attribution.

Common TikTok Wicked Reports Scenarios

  • Looking to get ROI on TikTok ad spend
  • Leads take time to buy from TikTok ads and want to connect customer lifetime value back to ad spend
  • High value subscription customers and you’d like the recurring purchase to track back to the top and middle of the funnel ad clicks
  • Multiple ad accounts to connect to 1 Wicked Reports’ brand account

How to integrate TikTok Ads with Wicked Reports

The TikTok Ads Integration process consists of 3 steps:

  1. Connect your TikTok Ads account(s) to your Wicked Reports account
  2. Hard-coding of wicked IDs for active ads
  3. Wicked Reports tracking script on all forms and destination URLs of your TikTok Ads

Step #1 - Connect your TikTok Ads account(s) to your Wicked Reports account

Go to the Authorizations Tab 

Click connect in the TikTok Ads connection box under Advertising 

Follow the connection wizard instructions:


and pick the account that has rights to the ad account(s) you wish to connect to Wicked Reports.

After account success, you will see a screen like this:

Note: For the TikTok tracking parameters there are two "_" characters before and after the CID in the WickedID value.

You have an option to use the tracking template or hard-code the wicked IDs for each active ad. We recommend hard-coding wicked IDs for each ad. It was much more accurate in our beta testing. Hard-coding wicked IDs is described in step 2.

If you wish to use the tracking template, click the copy template button, and then proceed to  the end of this document Optional: Add the TikTok tracking template. 

Step #1 Tips:

  1. You can select multiple ad accounts for 1 brand.
  2. If you don’t see your ad accounts listed, you might have to try a different email.
  3. If you only have 1 account for that email, it will connect right away without the need to select a specific TikTok ad account.

If you receive any odd messages from the TikTok Ad wizard, contact support.

Step #2 - Hard-coding of wickedID for active ads

Next, hard-code the wickedID for active ads. This is very important; skipping this step could mean your data is inaccurate. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Ad Tab and find active ads.
  2. Copy the ad ID value of the first ad you plan to update.
  3. Mouseover the ad name, and then click View.

If you did not copy the ad ID before clicking edit, no worries, you can still get the ad id from the top right corner and copy it.

Now you are ready to edit the Website URL:

  1. If you already have UTMs on the URL, find the “?” character. Then, add this string of text “WickedSource=TikTok&WickedID=
  2. Paste the ad ID next. In the example above, I would paste 1737086646870034. Then add an “&” before the rest of your UTMs.

If you do NOT have UTMs on the URL yet, at the end of the URL, add this string of text “?WickedSource=TikTok&WickedID=

Paste the ad ID next. In the example above, I would paste 1737086646870034. The complete Website URL would look like this

Hit Save. You will get a warning about putting the ad in review. Hit Save again. This puts the ad in review. They get approved VERY fast compared to Facebook; usually within 10 minutes. 

But what about the tracking template? 

In our beta testing, using the tracking template was about 70% effective. We found hard-coding the wicked ID for active ads to be much more effective. If you would like to use the tracking template anyway, there is information at the end of this help document about how to do that. 

Step #2 Tips:

  • Ads running to YouTube, or your Facebook Groups, your Instagram profile, or anywhere else, can sometimes be tracked using Wicked Redirect links. This is an advanced use case, contact support to see if we can pull this off (we have for others).

Step #3 - Wicked Reports tracking script on all forms and destination URLs of your TikTok Ads

Now that we have the ad click info being sent to your pages, we need to have our tracking script on the pages ready to detect the clicks.

If you have Google Tag Manager deployed throughout your marketing stack, great news, follow these simple instructions here:

Those of you without Google Tag Manager can find instructions in this section:

Step #3 Tips:

Optional: Add the TikTok tracking template

Our recommendation based on testing is to hard code wicked IDs for active ads, described in step 2. Using the tracking template instead was only about 70% effective in our beta testing. However, if you still wish to use the tracking template, it is described here. TikTok doesn't makes it super easy to track all ad clicks.  If you wish to use the tracking template, you are required to add it to every TikTok ad you run.  By applying this template to each ad, all clicks will pass the necessary information for Wicked Reports to track and attribute clicks to leads and sales.

Here is how to apply the tracking template to each TikTok Ad:

** If you have copied the tracking template from the previous step, continue on.  If not, here is the tracking template text you will want to copy: **


that is 2 "_" before and after CID

Note: if there is already some other querystring parameters on your URL, replace the ? at the beginning with a &

  1. Log into TikTok Ads
  2. Navigate to each ad and find the URL of the Destination Page
  3. Paste template at the end of the URL. Be sure there is a ? at the end of the URL and before any tracking parameters you add to the URL. 
  4. Save the Ad

Congratulations, after you've updated all your TikTok Ads, all TikTok ad clicks will have the necessary information the Wicked Reports tracking script needs to track and attribute.

Tracking template tips

  • Redirect links will sometimes pass the tracking template parameters through to the final URL.  But you have to verify this is happening, and if not, update the redirect software setting to allow "UTM/Link parameter pass-through".  Some redirect software has this option.  This is a must, it will cause huge data accuracy issues if the correct tracking template parameters do not make it to the final post-redirect page that has our tracking script.


  • How do I edit my URL after my campaign has already been created?
    TikTok does not allow always allow users to edit their campaigns post-creation, such as when using the Smart Creative Feature. So, in order to track these types of campaigns, you'll need to add your URL Parameters during campaign creation.