How to manually add WickedID to a Facebook Ad

This article is for Facebook media buyers that have a need to manually add the WickedID tag to their Facebook ads.

Wicked Reports tracks Facebook ad clicks and ties that activity to optins and sales in your CRM. The crucial first step of this process is to have Wicked ID on your Facebook Ads. Without the WickedID, or a clean UTM tagging structure, it will be challenging to have success.

Fortunately, Wicked Reports has auto-tagging of Facebook ads with WickedID. This allows Wicked to automatically set the correct campaign, adset, and ad details on all clicks so you can get a very detailed view of Facebook ROI over time. 

Over 90% of our customers use Auto-Tagging.  See how to set that up here:

Why Manually Tag Your Facebook Ads?

  • You have a few ads with a ton of social proof, that are crushing it already.  In that case, follow instructions here:, then turn auto-tagging on afterwards.
  • You manually create your ads and are already adding custom UTM tags during the ad creation process. In that case, might as well follow these instructions.

How to manually tag a Facebook Ad with WickedID

When creating an ad, you simply need to add this text string to the URL parameters field:


Here is what it looks like inside of Facebook Ad Manager:

How to manually add WickedID to a Facebook Ad

How long will it take for my Facebook Ad Tracking status to update?

It can take up to 1hr for Facebook to send us the updated Ad Tracking Status and, therefore, for your Facebook Ad Tracking Status to update from Red to Green inside your Wicked Reports account. Refresh the page when checking.

If after 1hr you still see an error, try updating the ad again. If you continue to have issues after several attempts, contact

Facebook Tracking Common Issues & Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Link Shortener URLs in your ad copy or URL field.

    Make sure that you append the text “?WickedSource=Facebook&WickedID= ” to the link and that the link passes the parameters through to  a page with our tracking script.
  2. Link redirects
    1. Your links can redirect all they want, they just have to preserve and pass the WickedID to a page with our tracking script when all the redirection is completed. 
    2. If you are using link redirects, test this out by adding “?utm_source=quick-test” to the end of your redirecting link. 
    3. When redirection is complete, the website address box in your browser should still have “?utm_source=quick-test”, else you need to adjust your redirect settings to allow pass-through parameters (most popular redirect services have this option).
  3. Boosted Posts - they track, if you read and follow this:
  4. ManyChat / messenger ads - they might track, if you do either of these strategies:
  5. Does updating ads with Wicked source and ID for a Facebook Ad reset the learning phase of the Ad?
    1. No. Every edit you make (during the learning phase or after it) has some effect on delivery, but not every edit causes the ad set to reenter the learning phase. Only a significant edit causes an ad set to reenter the learning phase. Updating the Wicked ID manually is not considered a significant edit. 
      1. See this article by Facebook, "Significant Edits and Learning Phase", for more information.