How to manually add WickedID to a Facebook Ad

This article is for Facebook media buyers that have a need to manually add the WickedID tag to their Facebook ads.

Wicked Reports tracks Facebook ad clicks and ties that activity to leads and sales in your CRM. The crucial first step of this process is to have Wicked ID on your Facebook Ads. Without the WickedID, or a clean UTM tagging structure, it will be challenging to have success.

Fortunately, Wicked Reports has auto-tagging of Facebook ads with WickedID. This allows Wicked to automatically set the correct campaign, adset, and ad details on all clicks so you can get a very detailed view of Facebook ROI over time. 

Over 90% of our customers use Auto-Tagging.  See how to set that up here:

Why Manually Tag Your Facebook Ads?

  • You have a few ads with a ton of social proof, that are crushing it already.  In that case, follow the instructions here, then turn auto-tagging on afterward.
  • You are already adding custom UTM tags during the ad creation process.
  • You like to update each of your ads manually for personal validation that they each have your URL parameters properly set.

How to manually tag a Facebook Ad with WickedID

When creating an ad, you simply need to add this text string to the URL parameters field:


Here is what it looks like inside of Facebook Ad Manager:

How to manually add WickedID to a Facebook Ad