How to track Attentive SMS for Lead & Sales Attribution

Setting up tracking on Attentive SMS forms is necessary to track leads Setup Steps:

  1. Deploy the custom Tracking Code
  2. Set up UTM Tracking
  3. Attentive Integration with Wicked Reports
  4. How to view Attentive SMS ROI Results inside of Wicked 

Deploy the custom Tracking Code

In order to track the leads you capture with your Attentive SMS popup, you will need to work with your Attentive SMS CSM or start a chat with Attentive SMS support and tell them that you want to set up Wicked Reports tracking with Attentive SMS. As long as your tracking code is on the page, you will need to tell your Attentive SMS CSM to fire this function:

'func': 'wrPush',
'message': '<email>'
}, "*");

It will take a day or two for Attentive SMS to implement this. Once this is setup, your leads will be able to be attributed correctly.

Important:  This script helps with tracking.  It does NOT send Contacts to Wicked Reports.  You will still need to either pass Attentive contacts to a CRM that is integrated to Wicked Reports or use Zapier to push Attentive contacts into Wicked Reports.

Set up UTM Tracking

When you create a campaign in Attentive, in the Design your campaign page, you will want to make sure the links you add have UTMs on them so Wicked can track the campaign properly.

To do so, in the Design your campaign screen, when you are ready to insert your link, click on the "+"

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In the new popup window, choose Short link

multi touch marketing attribution software

In the next popup window, add the URL with your UTMs. You can type it in or use Wicked's Link Builder. Make sure to set utm_source=attentive (see below) so you can easily track your ROI in the ROI Report.

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You can set UTM_Source and UTM_Medium in your Settings under GA Link Tracking. Set UTM_Source=attentive and UTM_Medium=text. This will auto-populate the URL with these settings.

Once finished, click the Shorten & Insert URL, review your campaign, and send it. As your customers click on the link in the text message, Wicked will track these clicks to your campaigns!

Send Attentive Leads to Wicked Reports

All leads generated by Attentive must be sent to Wicked Reports for Lead Attribution to occur. There are two options for sending your leads to Wicked Reports:

Option 1: Native integration with your CRM
The most common setup for our customer base is to have Attentive integrated with your CRM. Then, have your CRM natively integrated into Wicked Reports.

Option 2: Non-Native integration with your CRM or Attentive
To get your leads into Wicked, here's a list of the non-native integration options available. 

How to view Attentive SMS ROI results inside of Wicked

It is very easy to see Attentive SMS results inside of Wicked Reports. Simply select or type "Attentive" into the Source filter field of the ROI report filters section. Then run the report.

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