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Attributing Leads and Revenue to Phone or Call Center Traffic

Before digging into tracking phone traffic specifically, it might help if you already have a basic understanding of how Wicked Reports attributes sales and lead generally.

Our supported solution for call tracking is CallRail with InfusionSoft, but that is not the only way you can capture attribution for phone traffic.

As mentioned above, you simply need to create and capture a set of UTMs to represent the call traffic and connect that with the generated leads by email address. Attribution will then be made based on our specific attribution rules combined with your specific account settings and configuration.

Attribution for Phone or Call Center Traffic

As mentioned above, there are a couple pieces or required information to be able to receive attribution for phone traffic.

The email address of the lead will need to be known or captured on the phone call and also appear in your CRM as synchronized with Wicked Reports.

The call must be linked to a marketing event as represented by a set of 5 UTMs - what we'll refer to as a Custom "Click". This could happen a couple different ways.

  • The lead could be asked for the information with a question such as, "How did you hear about us?" The call center would then translate the answer into a UTM set - typically selecting from a pre-defined list.
  • The lead could be calling a number unique to a specific ad or offer, from which the UTMs can be assumed.
  • All calls could use a generic UTM set specific to the step in the sales process. This would not allow attribution back to the traffic or lead source. But it would allow for some degree of conversion reporting using our Custom Click filter on the ROI report.


If you have a booked call funnel that uses ScheduleOnce.  There are 3 key points:
1. You need to setup tracking on ScheduleOnce:
2. Send us a "Booked Call" custom conversion via Zapier or HTTP post or CSV upload. 
3. You have people booking calls and live sales reps booking calls. For the live sales reps, I would use a separate booking page - you can clone the ScheduleOnce setup you have.  You could send different "Booked Call" custom conversion parameters to differentiate the calls that came purely online vs. sales rep enabled if you wish.
To test out the tracking, you can use this URL below, that has all 5 utms with "test" in the variable values:

Getting the UTMs into Wicked Reports

If using our native (and recommended) CallRail / InfusionSoft combination, this will happen automatically.

Otherwise, you will need to use one of our provided methods for getting custom "Click" events into Wicked Reports, including via API, HTTP Post, Zapier, or CSV Upload

Attributing Leads or Sales to Custom Clicks

When sending the Custom Click UTM set into Wicked Reports, you must specify a date/time stamp that puts the contact or order create date - according to your CRM or payment system respectively - within the attribution window according to your First Optin and Last Click Attribution Window settings for your account.