How are Gross and Net Revenue Calculated

Revenue reporting in Wicked Reports is based on the combined value of order records within the platform.

Order records can be created in several ways, including:

Using the HTTP Post or CSV upload method of sending order details into Wicked Reports, you are able to specify whether the order is a refund or not.

When orders are pulled in from your order sources or shopping cart via one of our native integrations or a custom API you've developed the Order Status is provided by the source system.

Gross Revenue is the sum of the value of all individual orders, regardless of status.

Net Revenue is the sum of the value of individual orders after the following Order Statuses have been filtered out:

  • Refunded
  • Partially Refunded (the refunded amount is not included in Net Revenue)
  • Voided
  • Declined
  • Failed
  • Chargeback
  • Chargebacks
  • Error
  • Written

NOTE: If you are using our Infusionsoft native integration, you can read here to learn about the impact of the Use Infusionsoft Payment records for revenue reporting setting.


1. How does Wicked calculate my Gross Revenue for Shopify?
Shopify does things a little differently than the other Native Order Systems that we integrate with. As a result, we've had to account for their differences. So, our system will combine any discounts into the total order value of an order. Therefore, for Shopify, Gross Revenue is calculated as the sum of the order value + order discounts. (Total Order Value + Discounts = Gross)