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How to track Pinterest

The quick steps to tracking Pinterest for Lead and Sales attribution

Step 1 - Set up your Pinterest UTMs

When creating or editing an ad, the Website URL needs to have the following UTMs added to the end of the URL:

See example:

After adding the utms to the URL and saving, Wicked will start tracking the clicks to your ads but you will not see them in your Wicked account until the following day

Step 2 - Add your Pinterest costs to Wicked Reports

While you wait for clicks to be tracked, here is how you setup Pinterest to export the cost of your ads for true ROI reporting:

  1. Go to Ads->Custom reports
  2. If you have not created a report before, click on Create new report. If you have, skip to Step 9.
  3. For Report details, enter a Name that you'd like to use for the report
  4. For Data filters, Time breakdown is By day, Level is by Ad, Objectives should be set to match your objectives (1 or all) and Conversion settings & Targeting breakdown are default
  5. For Columns, the only columns that should be displayed are Campaign name, Ad group name & Spend
  6. For Scheduling and timeframe, select Report frequency: Monthly, Timeframe: Last month, Time Breakdown: By day and enter an email address to have the report mailed to you.
  7. Click Run & save to save the report and download your data into CSV. The next screen will show you your Templates and reports that have run
  8. If you'd like to run the saved report again, click the report under Templates, make any adjustments (dates, etc), then click Save & Run. Once the report has run, your CSV file will download.
  9. Your csv download should have the following columns in this order if you followed the steps above
    NOTE: Data must be in this order or the import into Wicked Reports will fail

  10. Now, format your costs data to prepare for import
    1. To prepare to import your costs into your Wicked account, open the following sheet and make a copy of it (File->Make a copy): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14FsMLkiFK8NKuny3MI_3vC-RZZ6ruDpI8ZuNzJzcSCE/edit?usp=sharing
    2. Open your Pinterest csv file from (7 or 8) above.
    3. From your csv file, select columns A-H and paste them into the Google Sheet from Step (a) in the Sheet labeled  “Pinterest Data”
  11. Click on the sheet labeled "Wicked Import"
  12. All of your data will be formatted and ready to import into Wicked.   Go to File->Download->Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet). This will download the data into a csv file while you will need in Step 15. NOTE: Make sure you are on the Import to Wicked tab as this tab formats the data to be imported into Wicked Reports.
  13. Go to my.wickedreports.com and login to your Wicked account
  14. Go to Tracking Tools->Other Marketing Costs

  15. Click in the upload area and choose the file from Step (12)
  16. Give the system a few moments to upload your costs. Once complete, you will now see your costs in the ROI Report