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How To Use Wicked Reports Tracking With Shopify

Shopify does not allow the tracking scripts on their checkout page. Fortunately we have a way to still track purchase activity whenever there is a link that includes Wicked tracking info.

  1. Place your Wicked Reports tracking page on every other Shopify page as you normally would by editing the liquid theme and adding your tracking script.  Here is an example:
  1. Edit the Shopify checkout page by clicking on Settings / Checkout.
  2. Add this line of code:
    at the top of the "Additional content and scripts" section on Settings/Checkout (see image below)

To test:

  1. Go to your Shopify store using this URL
    Note: Replace "YourShopifyProducturl" with your actual Shopify product URL
  2. Make a purchase
  3. Wait until the next day, and go to your ROI report, and look for the source of "shopify-test" and verify there is a click and a sale for the amount you purchased.