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I'm using Shopify, Stripe and Infusionsoft, Do I Authorize all of them inside Wicked Reports?

The answer is: It Depends.
If you are using Infusionsoft and Shopify and use a connector tool to pass Shopify Orders to Infusionsoft, you will ONLY need to authorize Infusionsoft for Order Data and Contact Data.
If you are not passing orders to Infusionsoft, you can authorize Infusionsoft for Contacts and Shopify for Orders.
Note: If you don't authorize Shopify, you will still need to set up Shopify to collect tracking data. 

A frequent combination we see our clients using is Active Campaign (which does not store order data) and Shopify.
The Contact data (Name, Email address) is stored inside Active Campaign.
The Order data (Product, order total, purchase date, purchase time etc) is stored inside Shopify.
In this case, you'd want to authorize only Shopify and use the Wicked Reports Contact API to push in your contact data to Wicked Reports.

Some of our clients have had trouble integrating Stripe with their CRM. 
What they choose to do is authorize Infusionsoft and Stripe, which will give Wicked Reports all the data it needs to give you accurate reporting.
In this example, the Contact Data is provided to Wicked Reports by Infusionsoft.
The Order Data is provided to Wicked Reports by Stripe.
If we have this complete set of data, meaning both contact data and order data, Wicked Reports will work just fine for you.
**Note: We have logic in our software that will prevent us from pulling order data from Infusionsoft is you also have Stripe authorized inside your Wicked Reports Account.**