How to use Mission Control

This document is for Executives, Media Buyers, Brand Marketing Directors, and Brand Owners looking to understand how their marketing is doing at a high level.

1. Why You Need This

2. VIDEO:  Wicked Quick Win - Getting the High Level Performance View with Mission Control

3. Wicked Charts

4. Wicked Data Table & "More Channels"

5. Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER)

6. Wicked Smartz Advice

7. Wicked Google Conversion Optimizer

9. Attribution Health

Why You Need This

Wicked Reports Mission Control dashboard gives you an overall picture of how well your marketing strategy is performing. This dashboard will provide you with overall and channel level ROI, LTV, leads, sales, and revenue for all inbound marketing so you can understand which channels will produce the best results for you in the future. In addition, we provide Wicked Playbooks to help grow your business.


VIDEO:  Wicked Quick Win - Getting the High Level Performance View with Mission Control

Wicked Charts

Wicked charts will show you, at a high level, how well each of the following channels are performing over the specified time period (default is 30 days):

    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Email
    • Organic
    • Other (other channels/sources you may be tracking)

You are able to see your overall revenue, new leads, sales & ROI. In addition, in the upper right hand corner of the Overall Revenue chart, you can select how you want to view your data. You are able to view your data on a daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis. By choosing one of these options, your charts will automatically update accordingly.

You are also able to change the timeframe in which you want to view your data by selecting the date selection tool above the Overall Revenue chart:

wicked reports mission control

You can use one of the preselected timeframes or choose your own timeframe. After making your choice, your data will be presented to you.

Note 1: The Mission Control dashboard defaults to NET reporting, but you are able to select GROSS. 

Note 2: All data that is calculated is calculated using the linear attribution model.

Wicked Data Table & "More Channels"

In addition to the charts above, we provide a high-level overview of your data, in a table, broken down by channel.

wicked reports mission control

What is "More Channels"?

Furthermore, you can click on More Channels to see additional channels which have provided you with revenue.

The More Channels section displays your Top 7 performing channels outside of Facebook, Google, and Email.

wicked reports mission control

Most Common "More Channels"

Unattributed = What is Unattributed Revenue?

Pre-Wicked = What is Pre-Wicked Revenue?

Google [UTM] = Google organic search. Find more insights into this by exploring the ROI Report, then filtering by Campaign = Organic Search and Source = Google

Direct = Links that have been searched directly in the address bar, clicked on with a UTM Source of Direct, or clicked on without UTMs but contain a domain that has been placed in your account settings' Organic Domain List.

Referral = Links that have been clicked on with a UTM Campaign of Referral = Your most popular Direct or Referral URLs. Find more insights into this by exploring the ROI Report, then filtering by Source =

Other = A catch-all. This is all other channels/sources you may be tracking, besides the ones listed above

How are the Totals Calculated?

Cost - Sum of all the costs across all the channels for the selected timeframe

Revenue - Sum of all the revenue across all the channels for the selected timeframe

Overall Attributed ROI - ((Total Revenue - Total Costs) /  Total Costs) x 100

Clicks - Sum of all the clicks across all the channels for the selected timeframe

New Leads - Sum of all the New Leads acquired across all the channels for the selected timeframe

Re-Engaged Leads - Sum of all the Existing Leads who re-opted in across all the channels for the selected timeframe

Sales - Sum of all the sales across all the channels for the selected timeframe (using the Linear Attribution Model)

CPL - Total Costs / Total New Leads for the selected timeframe 

CAC - Total Costs / All Unique customers for the selected timeframe 

LTV - Total Revenue / All Unique Customers for the selected timeframe

Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER)

The marketing efficiency ration gives you a high level understanding of how your business is performing by showing you how much revenue is generated overall compared to the overall costs during the same time period.

MER = Overall Revenue / Overall Costs

Wicked Smartz Advice

This section will show you, by attribution model, what are your best channels for Number of Sales, Overall Revenue and Overall ROI. You can learn more about these channels and how well they are performing by clicking on the specific channel name and metric you want to explore. For example, if you would like to learn more about First Click Facebook revenue of $949,283 (below), you can click on that row and you will be taken to the ROI report, filtered and sorted by Facebook and revenue. 

wicked reports mission control

This section can be very useful to see which campaigns are performing the best so you can invest more in these campaigns.

Wicked Google Conversion Optimizer

If you have Wicked Google Conversion Optimizer enabled, you will see the number of conversions uploaded as well as the value of those conversions for the selected timeframe (default is 30 days).

wicked reports mission control

Note: If you do not have Wicked Google Conversion Optimizer enabled, you can enable it following this help doc.

Attribution Health

The attribution health indicator is a percentage of how many new orders we have attributed in the last 30 days. This percentage is useful to know as you are able to tell how well your tracking is setup. This chart will show the last 30 days of your health.

wicked reports mission control

One final note. You will be able to tell when your data was last processed in this section or if it's currently being processed (see the Data last processed sentence above).

Customer Journey 

wicked reports mission control

Use Mission Control's Customer Journey to reverse engineer your best channels across the customer journey.