What is the Attribution Health Indicator Telling Me?

The attribution health indicator is a percentage of how many new orders we have attributed in the last 30 days.

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What is attribution health?

Attribution Health is based on the number of new orders in the past 30 days that received attribution for at least one or more customer journey points. It is basically a % of how many orders of yours we were able to attribute.

"New orders" are orders by customers who joined your list after you started using Wicked excluding subscription rebills & Pre-Wicked, which are otherwise eligible for attribution.

Attribution Health is classified using the following categories:

Healthy - Your average attribution is within the normal average range for the past 30 days compared to all active accounts - 50% and above.

Unhealthy - Your average attribution is below the normal average range for the past 30 days compared to all active accounts - 49% and below.

Not Enough Data - Blocked Processing or less than 30 tracked orders in the past 30 days.

Currently, the average attribution health for our clients is around 70%.

Keep in mind that the average and healthy range are calculated on an ongoing basis, always looking at the immediate past 30 days and will vary accordingly based on the actual sales and attribution numbers at the moment.

What to do if your attribution health is low?

Be sure to give your account time to build a click history. If your tracking has been setup for 30 days and your attribution health score is low, there could be a couple of reasons for this.

Remember: for Wicked Reports to attribute clicks, leads, and sales accurately, we need tracking UTMs or WickedIDs on inbound URL clicks, and our tracking script on your website, landing pages, optin forms, order forms, and any other place where your marketing drives traffic.

Auto-UTM tagging
Our Facebook, Google, and many CRM email integrations all provide easy, automatic link ID and UTM tagging.  The work that is left for you is to put our tracking code on all the destination URLs, which is basically your entire website, blog, landing page technology, etc.

Validate Tracking
You can verify that you are tracking correctly by using our tracking page validation tools found on the ROI report and in the Tracking Tools menu.

Other Marketing Costs
Paid marketing channels such as Snap, Pinterest, Twitter, and Outbrain require UTMs on the links.  You can then import the tracking costs with our drag and drop UTM cost importer.

Organic Traffic
At this point, most if not all of your traffic can be identified and attributed with Wicked Reports.  Our organic traffic attribution will capture and identify any clicks that are truly organic.  We only attribute credit to organic traffic when there is not a paid or UTM link click in the same time period as the identified incoming organic traffic.

Here are a few guides to use to verify you are tracking correctly and improve attribution health:

Verify Leads are Tracking-

Verify Lead Tracking for Facebook

Verify Lead Tracking for Adwords

Verify Sales are Tracking-

Verifying Sales Tracking for Facebook

Verifying Sales Tracking for Google Ads

Verify Emails are Tracking

An overview of how we track sales in Wicked Reports

If you have any other questions about attribution health, you can email support@wickedreports.com.