What is the Attribution Health Indicator Telling Me?

The attribution health indicator is a percentage of orders that have been attributed to something.

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What is Attribution Health?

Attribution Health is the percentage of orders that have been attributed to something over the past 7 or 30 days (e.g. when a sale is attributed to Facebook)

How is Attribution Health calculated?

Attribution Health = Attributed New Sales / Total New Sales

New Sale definition:

Any purchase that occurs after creating your Wicked Reports account (aka is notPre-Wicked Sale). If you have subscription sales, then your New Sales count includes New Subscriptions and excludes Recurring Subscription Sales.

New Sales = Total Sales - Pre-Wicked Sales - Recurring Subscription Sales

Attributed New Sale definition:

A New Sale that has been attributed to at least one of the key customer journey points: First Click, First Optin, Re-Optin, or Last Click.

What is "good" Attribution Health?

Attribution Health is classified using the following categories:

Healthy - Your average attribution is within the normal average range for the past 30 days compared to all active accounts - 60% and above.

Unhealthy - Your average attribution is below the normal average range for the past 30 days compared to all active accounts - 59% and below.

Not Enough Data - Blocked Processing or less than 30 tracked orders in the past 30 days.

The average Attribution Health is between 60-70%

Hey, we want 100% Attribution Health too. But, as painful as it is to accept, there will always be unattributed leads and revenue.

Why is 100% Attribution Health unrealistic?

The #1 culprit: Ad-Blockers. GWI Research found that roughly 20% of people use ad blockers, which prevent ANY software like Wicked Reports from tracking.

Don't give up!
Live by the motto, "Perfect is the enemy of progress," and know: there are thousands of other brands using Wicked's data to scale their business, why can't you?

How do I trust or improve my tracking?

Run the Tracking Validation Routine

This routine is designed to help you build the confidence you need in your tracking setup to make data-driven decisions.

For Wicked Reports to attribute clicks, leads, and sales accurately, we need URL Parameters appended to the URL of your ad landing pages, and our tracking script on your website including all landing pages, opt-in forms, checkout forms, and any other place where your marketing drives traffic to. Once that is complete, be sure to give your account time to build a click history.

Common Solutions

If your tracking has been set up for 30 days and your attribution health score is low, there are some common reasons for this:

  • You do not have the tracking script fully installed on your landing pages, opt-in forms, or checkout pages (or your URL is not passing our tracking validation tests)
  • You have offline sales you're not accounting for via custom clicks.
  • You do not have organic tracking turned on

For any other questions about attribution health, you can reach out to our customer support team.