Attribution Coverage

Attribution coverage tells you the % of orders with attribution for the attribution model selected.

Each attribution model will have a different % of orders with attribution.  This is perfectly normal.  The number of orders Wicked Reports can track will vary by marketing strategy, date range of the report, successful and accurate deployment of your tracking code, your sales process, and the attribution model settings.

Quick Overview of Attribution Models

  1. Full Impact - gives 100% revenue credit to multiple touch points 
  2. Linear - gives fractional credit to multiple clicks
  3. Last Click - gives 100% revenue credit to last click
  4. First Click - gives 100% revenue credit to 1st click
  5. First Optin - gives 100% revenue credit to new lead generating click
  6. Re Optin - gives 100% revenue credit to existing leads that re-optin and then buy

After setting up Wicked Reports, attribution coverage % should rise each day as more orders are tracked, until a full buying cycle has been completed.  At that time, coverage % should continue to rise but at a slower rate, as your tracked 1st clicks and new leads convert to customers in the future.

Attribution Coverage Formula

The attribution coverage formula for each model is simple. It's the following:

  • attributed_sales / all_sales

That means we are excluding all pre-wicked sales and unattributed sales from this metric. Keep in mind that this metric is great if you're trying to get a quick calculation of how many attributed sales you have. However, if you're trying to get a better understanding of your overall attribution health or tracking accuracy across your account, then you should be using the Attribution Health Indicator.

The Attribution Health Indicator only takes into account new sales that have been attributed. So, in addition to excluding pre-wicked and unattributed sales, it will also exclude recurring subscription sales, unlike the attribution coverage metric.