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General Integration Options Overview

Generally speaking there are thee ways to integrate.
These same options apply to both Order and Contact sources, as well as Custom Click and Offline Events as necessary.

We integrate with their API (Wicked Reports pulling data from their system)

This would result in a native integration where we pull data from their system into Wicked Reports. Our developers would need access and documentation. We would do all the work. It's somewhat dependent on the 3rd party API because not everyone provides all the data we need, but if they have an API it's usually possible for us to integrate.

They integrate with our API (Their system pushing data into Wicked Reports)

Their developers reference our API documentation and create an integration that pushes data from their system into our system.

Their webhooks are compatabile with our HTTP Post Support

In this category fall the different combinations of using HTTP Post, Webhooks, and Zapier to get data into Wicked Reports. This is a combination of a 3rd party triggering our HTTP Post call. The trigger initiates the action and provides the necessary data. The HTTP Post call inserts it into our system.

Other Notes and Resources

The data requirements for API, HTTP Posts, and CSV import (manually uploading a file) are all essentially the same. In all cases, we need to know Contact, Order, and Click (or Custom Event) data to provide attribution and reporting.

API Documentation


HTTP Post Documentation


Manual CSV Import Documentation