Wicked Onboarding Steps

Get set up in 30 days or less!

Welcome to Wicked Reports, we're thrilled you joined! Follow the Onboarding Steps below to get set up in 30 days or less!

Section Steps Goal
#1 - Get started
  1. Log In to your account
  2. Add users to your account
  3. How to access Customer Support
Log in and receive support
#2 - Set up your account
Integrate your account:
  1. Complete the Wicked Setup Steps
  2. Search our Help Center for platform-specific setup instructions

Validate your account:

  1. Run the Tracking Validation Routine to verify your tracking is accurate
  2. Record your First Trust Date

Additional Resources:

Keep your 7-Day Attribution Health above 60%

#3 - Improve your KPIs

  1. Create your first Saved View
  2. Find your Evaluation Time and Future Customer LTV Impact

Attend our Live, Co-Building Webinar

Improve your North Star Metric by 2% or more


What is the First Trust Date?

Your First Trust Date is the first date you the accuracy of your data. It's important to remember this date because you will only analyze your attribution data from this point forward. This is the earliest "Start Date" you will use to analyze your attribution data.

What is a North Star Metric?

A North Star Metric is a single KPI you choose to determine if you are making improvements to your marketing.

Which North Star Metric should I pick?

The most common North Star Metrics our customers choose are ROAS or CAC. If you pick one of those, you're in great shape. Alongside their North Star Metric, they track Total Revenue.

What should be my SMART Goal?

Your goal is to improve your ROAS or CAC by 2% within the first 90 Days of joining Wicked Reports. Simultaneously, you want your Total Revenue to increase by 0-2%. 

If you accomplish this, you know you've been able to improve your marketing with Wicked Reports.

For example
If you maintain a 0% change in Total Revenue and increase your ROAS by 2%, this is successful because you've made your business more profitable.

If you increase your Total Revenue by 2% and increase your ROAS by 2%, you cracked the code! You made your business wealthier AND more profitable.

How do I measure the percent change to my North Star Metric?

Use this equation to calculate your percent change:
(New Metric - Old Metric) / Old Metric

We recommend using Month 3 (Day 60-90) as your New Metric and comparing this to Month 1 (Day 0-30), your Old Metric. The output of this equation will tell you if you have improved your performance since joining Wicked Reports.