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Verify Wicked Reports Has your Ontraport Order Data

    For Wicked Reports to provide you quality ROI Reporting data, one major requirement is that we actually have your Order data.  Typically this is pulled from your CRM directly via our integrations.  If you are using Ontraport, you should have authorized your Ontraport account within Wicked Reports, to pull your Order Data.
     **Note: Tagging contacts as a customer is not good enough.  You must create orders inside Ontraport for us to report revenue and ROI.  If you are ONLY tagging contacts as a customer, you will have problems and won't see your revenue.
    To confirm that we are properly pulling your Order Data, you can follow these steps:
     1) Go to Authorizations inside Wicked Reports
    2) Confirm that you have Authorized the correct Ontraport account for pulling Order Data
    3) Open your Ontraport account to any customer and go to the PURCHASES menu option
    5) Confirm that you have orders for the contact in PURCHASE HISTORY.  If your customer does not have any Purchases and you are only tagging contacts as a customer, we cannot report on your revenue and ROI.
    6) In Wicked Reports, go to the UTM Search Report 
    7) Select the ORDER / UTM SEARCH Tab and make sure you are seeing your Order Data
    8) If you DO NOT see Orders during a selected time-frame in which you KNOW you have orders, that means we've not successfully pulled in your orders