Why Don't I See Adwords Visitors?


If you use Google Adwords and are seeing costs for your Ads, however when viewing your Wicked Reports, you are not seeing Adwords visitors, there are a few things you can look at.

To determine visitors for any specific UTMs, we use Google Analytics data. So, you will want to check the following things:

Is Google Adwords Tracking Template Set Up Correctly

When using Google Adwords, Wicked Reports requires that you use the Adwords Tracking Template.  The template should be: 
Is Google Analytics Authorized for Wicked Reports
When you signed up for Wicked Reports, you provided Wicked Reports with a number of authorizations. One of them is Google Analytics. It is important that your Google Analytics is authorized and all the properties you want to use are selected. If they are not, we are not able to pull traffic data.

Are You Using The Correct Analytics Tracking Script?

When putting Google Analytics on your website, you get a script for the property you want to attach your website to. Verify that the Google Analytics script you have on the page you are tracking is for the Account and one of the properties you have authorized.

Did You Publish Your Google Tag Manager?

Many companies are now using Google Tag Manager to manage all the Scripts to put on their website. One of the things that we have seen is, when you update your Container and add your Google Analytics script, you must re-publish the container.