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How To Integrate Infusionsoft and Wicked Reports for Lead and Order attribution, and Email Tracking.

The quick process for integrating Infusionsoft and Wicked Reports.

Table of Contents

  1. About This Integration
  2. Email UTM Tagging
  3. What This Means For You
  4. Integration Steps for Lead Data
  5. Integration Steps for Order Data
  6. What Happens Next After Integration
  7. How to Verify Your CRM Data
  8. Email Last Click ROI Tracking & Reporting
  9. Historical Tracking Data Pre-Wicked
  10. Facebook Lead Ads - Attribution, and CRM Import
  11. Non-Infusionsoft Orders
  12. Upsell Orders and Software
  13. Subscription Attribution and Reporting
  14. Product Attribution and Reporting
  15. Cohort Reporting
  16. Gross vs Net Revenue Reporting
  17. Testing & Troubleshooting

About This Integration

Integrating Infusionsoft Contacts to Wicked Reports sends your new leads from Infusionsoft to Wicked Reports. This allows Wicked Reports to automatically detect, track, and attribute new and existing lead conversions to the marketing spend on your ad platforms and customer lifetime value from your revenue sources.
Integrating Infusionsoft Orders to Wicked Reports sends your sales and revenue from Infusionsoft to Wicked Reports. This allows Wicked Reports to automatically detect, track, and attribute sales conversions and customer lifetime value to the marketing spend on your ad platforms.

Email UTM Tagging

Using Infusionsoft with Wicked Reports requires you to manually tag your emails with UTM tracking information.  For information on how to build UTM links using the Wicked UTM link builder, and to get email UTM best practices, go here: https://help.wickedreports.com/wicked-reports-link-builder

What this means for you

  • Infusionsoft leads get retrieved each day by Wicked Reports and attributed against clicks and sales.
  • After manual UTM tagging of your emails is complete, Wicked can attribute sales back to your individual emails when credit is deserved.
  • Wicked can generate Cohort Analysis reporting between your Infusionsoft leads and your shopping cart & order system revenue.
  • If you are also using Infusionsoft as your shopping cart / order system, we can also pull your sales and order revenue each day for attribution.

Integration Steps for Infusionsoft CRM Lead Data

  1. Go to Setup -> Authorizations on the Wicked Reports menu.
  2. Find the Infusionsoft icon in the Contacts/Leads column and click connect.
  3. Follow the 1 minute connection wizard process.

Integration Steps for Infusionsoft Order and Revenue Data

  1. Go to Setup -> Authorizations on the Wicked Reports menu.
  2. Find the Infusionsoft icon in the Orders column and click connect.
  3. Follow the 1 minute connection wizard process.

What Happens Next

Wicked Reports will pull all historical lead data from Infusionsoft to seed your account attribution.  This allows us to correctly identify these leads as already existing leads in the event they click, optin, or otherwise engage with your marketing funnels.  We can then attribute revenue to their actions using the correct attribution models.

Each morning at about 2am EST we will pull the previous day's new leads and attribute the marketing responsible for creating these new leads.  Anytime in the future when these new leads buy, we can attribute the revenue back to the marketing that created the lead and update the ROI accordingly.

Once you have authorized your order systems, we will pull sales & revenue data and then create cohort reporting between your Infusionsoft lead data and your order revenue data.

How to Verify Your CRM Data

Wicked Reports native CRM integrations generally work seamlessly.  You will see the leads inside of Wicked the following day.  To see for yourself, follow these instructions: https://help.wickedreports.com/verify-your-crm-is-authorized

Email Last Click ROI Tracking & Reporting

Once you've integrated Infusionsoft your lead conversions are automatically detected for attribution.  You still need to deploy the Wicked tracking script on all pages.  After that, you can start seeing which emails are generating revenue! -> Email Tracking and Reporting

Historical Tracking Data Pre-Wicked

If you have historical tracking data inside of your Infusionsoft CRM, you can get this data into Wicked Reports for use in our Cohort and ROI reports.  Follow these details:

Backloading Historical Tracking Data

Facebook Lead Ads - Attribution, and CRM Import

Wicked Reports can automatically attribute Facebook Lead Ads once you have also completed the Facebook Integration steps.  We can even historically attribute Facebook lead ads, pre-Wicked Reports, following these instructions:  Backloading Historical Facebook Lead Ad Attribution

One older feature we still offer is the ability to automatically import your Facebook lead ad leads to your CRM.  This functionality is available for Klaviyo if desired. We realize most people have this functionality built into their CRM now, or use Zapier, but the feature is here if you need it.

Adding Wicked Reports tracking to Infusionsoft Order Forms

Many Infusionsoft users take advantage of Infusionsoft's order forms and campaign links.  We have specific instructions and advice for you on those topics:

Adding tracking to Infusonsoft order forms

Adding tracking to Infusionsoft legacy order forms

Campaign links (don't use them)

Infusionsoft Referral Partner / Affiliate link tracking

Non-Infusionsoft Sales & Revenue

If you also have orders happening outside of the ones appearing in your Infusionsoft account each day, you can authorize another order source from the Setup->Authorizations menu.

Only authorize additional order sources that have unique orders not already found in your Infusionsoft account.  If you use Stripe to process your Infusionsoft orders, you do NOT need to authorize Stripe with Wicked Reports, only Infusionsoft .

Upsell Orders and Software

As long as your upsell order & revenue data makes it into Infusionsoft, and you have turned on the Infusionsoft order integration, there is nothing further to do. If you have upsell software that is processing orders that do NOT make it into Infusionsoft, we can integrate, please discuss with your Customer Success rep.  It is likely you will need to use our Order API to send us the Upsell orders.

Subscription Attribution and Reporting

If your subscriptions are managed inside of Infusionsoft, Wicked Reports will detect and chain the subscriptions together.  This allows for accurate, valuable customer lifetime value to be attributed to your marketing efforts.

Product Attribution and Reporting

Wicked Reports reports off of the product names that are in your Infusionsoft account.  You can validate this by going to the Wicked Report's product report.

Note:  You need to create product IDs and names in Infusionsoft and then have them attached to customers and invoices at the time of sale.  Without this, Wicked Reports marketing attribution will still work, but the product attribution and product reporting will not .

Cohort Reporting

Approximately 1 day after you have integrated Infusionsoft lead and order data with Wicked Reports, you will have access to powerful cohort customer lifetime value reporting.  You can take advantage of these reports before a single click is tracked or attributed!

Wicked connects the Infusionsoft CRM lead information with the historical Infusionsoft sales and revenue data so you can see time to 1st purchase, accumulated customer lifetime value by month, and time to break-even based on cost per lead and cost to acquire the customer.

Click here for our Complete Guide to Cohort Reporting.

Gross vs Net Revenue Reporting

Wicked Reports uses the Infusionsoft order status field to determine gross vs net revenue designations.

Gross Revenue is the sum of the value of all individual orders, regardless of status.

Net Revenue is the sum of the value of individual order after the following Order Statuses have been filtered out:

  • Refunded
  • Partially Refunded (the refunded amount is not included in Net Sales)
  • Voided
  • Declined
  • Failed
  • Chargeback
  • Chargebacks
  • Error
  • Written 

Optional - use Infusionsoft Payment Records as your revenue source

Some Infusionsoft ecommerce module users find that the gross vs. net reporting in Infusionsoft leaves something to be desired.  We have a setting that allows you to use Infusionsoft payment records instead of order records.  

If you use Infusionsoft for your shopping cart and regularly have orders reported in your Wicked Reports Net Revenue that you have not received a payment for, then the Infusionsoft Payment records for revenue reporting, located in your Settings, might just be for you.

When checked, this option will only count orders in your Net Revenue reporting that have received a payment record.

To locate this setting, hover over your profile and select > Settings

To better understand how this works, let's look at two scenarios.

Scenario 1: Use Infusionsoft Payment Records for Revenue Reporting is NOT checked

  Order Amount Payment Amount Gross Revenue (cumulative) Net Revenue (cumulative)
Order A $1,000 Approved - $1000 $1,000 $1,000
Order B $500 <No Payment Record> $1,500 $1,500
Order C $500 Failed - $500 $2,000 $1,500
Order D $500 Approved - $250 (payment plan) $2,500 $2,000
Refund -$250 Refund for Payment within Order D $2,500 $1,750

As you can see above, your Net Revenue, after the 4 orders, would be $2,000. In reality, you only receive $1,500 in payments. This does not accurately reflect your Net Revenue. Let's look at the next scenario.

Scenario 2: Use Infusionsoft Payment Records for Revenue Reporting IS checked

  Order Amount Payment Amount Gross (cumulative) Net (cumulative)
Order A $1,000 Approved - $1000 $1,000 $1,000
Order B $500 <No Payment Record> $1,500 $1,000
Order C $500 Failed - $500 $2,000 $1,000
Order D $500 Approved - $250 (payment plan) $2,250 $1,500
Refund -$250 Refund for Payment within Order D $2,250 $1,225

With this scenario, your Net Revenue, after the 4 orders, would be $1,500. This aligns with what you will receive in payments for these orders. If you have further questions, please reach out to us at support@wickedreports.com.

Testing & Troubleshooting

Verify Wicked Reports Has Your Infusionsoft Order Data

For Wicked Reports to provide you quality ROI Reporting data, one major requirement is that we actually have your Order data. If you are using Infusionsoft, you should have authorized your Infusionsoft account within Wicked Reports, to pull your Order Data.
 **Note: Tagging contacts as a customer is not good enough.  You must create orders inside Infusionsoft for us to report revenue and ROI.  If you are ONLY tagging contacts as a customer, you will have problems and won't see your revenue.
To confirm that we are properly pulling your Order Data, you can follow these steps: 
1) Go to Authorizations inside Wicked Reports
2) Confirm that you have Authorized the correct Infusionsoft account for pulling Order Data
3) Open your Infusionsoft account and navigate to any customer
4) Select the Orders tab.
5) Confirm that you have orders for the contacts.  If your customer does not have any Orders and you are only tagging contacts as a customer, we cannot report on your revenue and ROI. 
6) In Wicked Reports, go to the Customer LTV Report
Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 3.15.32 AM
 7) Select the  ORDER / UTM SEARCH  Tab and make sure you are seeing your Order Data
8) If you DO NOT see Orders during a selected time-frame in which you KNOW you have orders, that means we've not successfully pulled in your orders.