Product Report


wicked reports dashboard product report

Why this report is important?

You can see which products are selling the best within any given time period.  You can also see how many sales occurred along with the revenue generated.

You will also get a quick at-a-glance top 10 list of your highest Revenue products in the time period.  You can view the data for all products or any combination of Products, included Subscription vs. One-Time products.

What is unique and valuable when you have Wicked Reports calculate your product sales?

We created this report, and is very challenging to replicate in other systems.  The ability to see the Top 10 at a glance is unique to Wicked Reports

What do you use this report to figure out?

This report helps you determine which products you are selling the most of during any given time period.  It will also allow you to determine which of your subscription products is bringing in the most revenue at any given time.

What is in this report?

Product Report tells you how many sales and how much revenue each specific product is generating during any time period.

How is this report created?

We use the product data from your CRM and tie it together with all the Orders we have received inside Wicked Reports. 

**Note: Based on how your CRM logs discounts, you may see $0 amounts for some One-Time products.  When applying a discount, Infusionsoft for instance, creates a one-time order item with a-$ value and is assigned to productId=0.

Our Product report shows this as a one-time product to balance out Total Revenue for the selected products and match with the Sales Report Total Revenue for the same period.  Every CRM is different, so this is something to simply be aware of.

What questions does this report answer?

  • What is my best selling product?
  • How many of product X did I sell?
  • How much revenue did I get from product X?

How do I use this report?

Select a product or product(s).

Select a date period. 

Click filter and then expand the screen.

**Find the question you wish to answer below, and take the steps described:

What was my best selling product last month?
  1. Select a time period
  2. Click Filter
  3. the Chart will show your top 10 revenue generating products
  4. You can also find the highest selling product by Revenue or Sales by using the Grid. 
How many Product X did I sell last month?
  1. Select a time period
  2. Select a product or product(s).
  3. Click Filter
  4. Find the product in the Grid and see the sales and Revenue
What is my best selling subscription?
  1. Select a time period
  2. Select "Subscription" from the product type drop-down
  3. Click Filter
  4. The Chart and Grid will show all Subscription product sales during the time period.

Why is Wicked Reports the best source for this information?


We make super easy to get this information from one report.  CRMs tend to make this information more challenging to get.