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Setting Up Facebook Auto-Tracking

  • Because updating the URL tracking parameters causes Facebook to generate a new creative object, Ads will temporarily be reset to Approval Pending and will reset Learning.

    In some cases, having nothing to do with Wicked tracking, ads can get stuck in Approval Pending status. 

    We've seen that republishing the ad can resolve this. Facebook also provides this tool that can also be used to trigger review for stuck ads.

  • There is also a small chance (less than 1%) that social proof can be lost.

    If you have ads with social proof that you are concerned about losing, please refer to our article about manually updating ads with social proof before turning on auto-tracking for your account.

  • Every 6 hours we update Facebook Ads that need to have proper WickedID Tracking added to them
    • We add WickedSource=Facebook&WickedID= to the "URL Parameters" field of a Facebook Ad
    • Note: Facebook now supports Dynamic URL Parameters. You can use the token instead of the actual Ad ID value as your WickedID.
      If you choose to do this, the URL Paramters would be: WickedSource=Facebook&WickedID=
  • Updated ads will be set in pending status for Facebook to approve them again and Learning could be reset
    • We Do NOT update all ads every 6 hours...only the ones that need to be updated 
  • We DO NOT overwrite existing values in the "URL Parameters" field, we add them to the end