Facebook Ad Tracking Quick Start

To track your Facebook Ads, there are 4 steps....3 of which you or your team probably has already done, but we like to remind people.

1. Make sure your Facebook Ad Account, and CRM and/or payment providers are authorized (Authorizations Screen)
     1a. For best results, we recommend Setting Up Facebook Auto-Tracking
2. Ensure that http://my.wickedreports.com/trackingcode is on the page that your Facebook Ad is driving traffic to.
     2a. Verify the tracking code is on your landing pages with Tracking Code Verification
3. Create the Facebook Ad and use Wicked ID (preferred) or the UTM Values
4. Validate your Facebook Ads
Let's look at each of these steps in order.

1. Make sure your Facebook Ad Account and CRM and/or payment providers are authorized (Authorizations Screen).
You have likely already authorized your Facebook Ad Account, so this step should already be done.  When authorizing Facebook, If you set up Facebook Auto-Tracking, then you're less likely to have issues with Facebook ad Tracking.  There are certain scenarios where we won't update your FB ads, so it's good to check them every so often in the Facebook Ad Tracking screen.
2. Ensure that Wicked Tracking Code is on the page that your Facebook Ad is driving traffic to.
For any tracking to work, your Wicked Tracking Code must be on every page that you intend to track. 
This step involves logging into your my.WickedReports.com account and going to the Tracking Code tab. There, you can copy your Wicked Tracking Code and place it on all the domains and pages you want to track.
We highly encourage you to verify the Wicked tracking code is on the page you are sending your Facebook Ad traffic to. Verify the Tracking Code is on your landing page


3. Create the Facebook Ad and use WickedID (preferred) or the UTM Values
Wicked ID on your Facebook ads will make your life much easier and the speed at which you can update your ads will be much faster than using UTMs.  It will reduce data entry errors and ensure better tracking.  Wicked ID on your Facebook ads is our primary recommendation and you can learn more here:
If you've set up Facebook Auto-Tracking, your Ads should get WickedID on them automatically.  There are a few scenarios where we won't auto-update your ads, so we do recommend checking on them every now and again to make sure Tracking is set up properly.
If you choose to NOT set up auto-tracking, you will want to make sure you know how to add WickedID to your Facebook Ads.
** NOTE:  If you regularly use Boosted Posts, You will want to read the help on Tracking Facebook Boosted Posts
** NOTE:  If you use AdEspresso to run your Facebook Ads, you don't need to use WickedID and you don't need to set up Auto-Tracking.  You can add tracking to your Ads directly in AdEspresso.


4. Validate your Facebook Ads
After your ads are set up, we pull in your data and you can use the Facebook Ad Tracking in the Tracking Tools section to ensure that your ads are set up correctly.  Please remember that if you set up Auto-Tracking, we only update Ads every 6 hours, so if you created new ads, it's possible they have not been updated yet.
We have a help video on how to use it: How Do I Know My Facebook Ads Are Set Up Correctly?


Your ad is now set up for Tracking. You will obviously want to put some time into making the ad compelling, however it is now set up for tracking.


Be sure to be aware of the Facebook Ad Tracking Common Mistakes