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Where Do I Place My Wicked Tracking Script?

To begin tracking, this Tracking Code will need to be placed on every page on every domain you want to track.
This includes all landing pages, blogs, pop ups, any/all opt in forms, and order forms. Please take the time to ensure that this Tracking Code is everywhere you want to track. If a page doesn't have the Tracking Code, we won’t be able to track it.
For peace of mind, place the Wicked Tracking Script EVERYWHERE. 
You can find your tracking script by logging into your Wicked Reports account and clicking on "Setup" then "Tracking Code" as shown below.
For more detailed instructions on adding the Wicked Tracking Script to systems you use, please see the list below:
If you would like to verify that the Wicked Tracking Script is on that page,  you can use this help doc which walks you through the process of verifying if the Wicked Tracking Script is on the page you're looking at.